I bought Richard Gordon's book, "Quantum-Touch",
several years ago when it first came out.  I didn't read it but
filed it away in the self help section of my home library.  I
was just too busy with my all consuming career in
architectural design.  The book would have to wait...

   Then, about a year later, I received a phone call one
evening from my childhood friend, Jay.  We had been in
touch off and on for the last thirty or so years as we led our
separate lives.  I hadn't heard from him for several.  When
he called, I was shocked to hear that he was planning to kill
himself.  He being a life long Christian, I couldn't fathom
what would possibly be bad enough to drive him to such an
extreme, and unacceptable solution.  The reason was PAIN.  
Unrelenting, excruciating pain.

   As was soon revealed to me, he had broken his foot
rather badly on the job seven years earlier.  The doctors, at
some point, had botched the surgery and did permanent
damage to nerves in his foot.  Over the course of the
following years, he had developed a dependency on pain
killers...a whole plethora of different kinds to cover all the
new symptoms that were spinning off of the original
problem.  He had ultimately been diagnosed with having a
mysterious disease known as RSD.  A chronic pain
syndrome with little hope for recovery.
   By the time Jay called me, he was at the end of his well as his hope.  He basically just
wanted my prayers.  The doctors had given up on him.  The insurance companies were cutting him off.  I
could tell that his mind wasn't right.  He had lost his home, his family, ...his life.  His mobility was limited
because he couldn't wear shoes, and he couldn't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time due to the
pain awakening him.  He had given up.

   By the end of the first call, I had him convinced that suicide wasn't an option.  This bought us some
time but I didn't know what to do next.  I was a far cry from being able to council anyone with this
extreme gambit of problems.  Besides, what can you do once the doctors give up..?  I prayed.

   It was within a day that I received an answer.  That book was calling to me from the shelf.  In the back
of my mind I had recalled that the book was about healing.  It was about alternative medicine and stuff
like that.  I picked it up and thumbed through it.  Then I called Jay.  I suggested that we try this energy
healing thing that I read about.  He was receptive.  We planned for him to come to Santa Cruz from
Southern California and stay with me for a couple of weeks.  Meantime, I started reading.

   As an aside at this point...  I surmised that it could be nothing but Divine synchronicity that started to
arrange events from this moment forward.  At my place of employment, we had just established a
wellness center with a workout room and all.  We had scheduled several local health outfits to come to
our grand opening.  One of the demonstrations was a local Quantum Touch practitioner.  I was floored!  
The demonstration was amazing and we witnessed results that very day.  I then knew I was on to

   When Jay arrived, we scheduled a couple of appointments with this professional.  His name was
David.  David insisted that I participate in the healing session.  I told him I was not a practitioner, that I
hadn't even finished the book.  He told me that I can run energy even as a total beginner.  So I helped.

   After the first appointment, Jay and I started our own energy sessions at my home and, combined
with prayer, continued every day for several weeks.  At times I felt that maybe I had started out with too
tough of a case for my first one but we persisted.  We were slowly getting results.

   To shorten a long story, by the end of five weeks, Jay had completely stopped taking pain killers and
had experienced a 90% recovery on his foot.  We also worked through some serious emotional issues
that came to light during the sessions.  For a person who couldn't even wear shoes or sleep more than
an hour at a stretch, he could now lace 'em up and walk for hours.  He could now sleep through the
night.  He now has a passion for life.

   And I now have a passion for Quantum Touch.  An overwhelming desire to share this alternative
medicine called energy healing with others.  I'm now on a mission to 'share the health' !!

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